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Our range of osmotically dehydrated products include Guava chunks, Mango bars, Pink guava bars, White guava bars, Papaya chunks, Apple ber chunks and Chickoo chunks.

The shelf life of fruits and vegetables are shortened due to the higher water content. Several methods have been tried to overcome this so as to make fruits and vegetables last longer. Osmotic dehydration is one such method which is proven to significantly increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
Osmotic dehydration is the removal of water by immersing the food in a solution of salt or sugars of high osmotic pressure. Water is transferred from the food to the solution by virtue of the difference in osmotic pressure. The prepared (peeled, sliced or cut, etc.) material is immersed in the “osmotic solution”, a relatively concentrated solution of sugars (glucose, sucrose, trehalose, etc.) or salt, or both. Water and some of the natural solutes of the food pass to the osmotic solution, while at the same time a certain amount of the “osmotic solute” penetrates the food.

This process helps to preserve the vitamin and minerals, color, flavor and taste of the foods. Also during this process, small quantity of fruit acid is removed along with the water, making the product more palatable. With osmotic dehydration, shelf life of fruits and vegetables is increased to six months or more depending on how the packaging is done. BiteNatural provide it’s customers with such products that are free from added flavor, color or essence.


Mango, the King of fruits is a rich source of minerals, vitamins and carotenoids which help in preventing diseases. It improves vision, prevents skin damage, alkalizes the body and improves digestion.


Papaya is a delicious fruit loaded with nutrients & antioxidants (not antioxidents, which improve heart health, help fight inflammation, improves digestion and help in preventing skin damage.


A novel product that stands out is the unique creation from Orbela. Pomegranate arils are manually extracted from the fruit and with least possible damage and are dried to give an excellent taste and flavour. The product is free from any added sugars, preservative, colour, flavour or essence. It is just the natural pomegranate arils in dried form which are refreshing and delicious besides being nutritious and healthy.